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The Brain Plus IQ Brain Booster continues to be the most trusted and the most effective supplement to improve brain functionality. This supplement gradually improves the communication between brain cells and neurotransmitters, which enhances the clarity and even provides extreme focus.

Smart ingredients go directly into the brain and work to prevent long/short term memory loss. Additionally, the supplement cleanses your brain for optimal mental absorption. The scientific formula that is used to prepare this supplement is extremely clean and without any sort of side effects. Brain Plus IQ provides new information in your brain that you can use to solve your problems easily.

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The payment portal of this product is a highly encrypted SSL portal. You can easily make the payment within seconds after ordering your Brain Plus IQ supplement.

Why Should I Trust This Product?

  • Brain Plus IQ enhances the mental function of the brain by every aspect.
  • It increases the memory power of the brain and thus making sure that you are able to remember things more efficiently.
  • Increase the thinking power of your brain.
  • Amplify the efficiency of the consumer by every aspect.
  • Enhanced quality of brain health.
  • Is accompanied by a 60-Day refund guarantee.

Some of the important ingredients used in this product are Vitamin B12, folic acid B6, mix Cerebrx Tm with DMAE